Chapters 1-3 of “Randy’s little Problem”

Hi there, this is a story that I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s looking to have at least 20 chapters by the end of it. I’m hoping to sell it as an ebook eventually.

It’s a classic loss of power story, in which a patriarchal abuser finds himself in a downward (literally) spiral as his co-worker slips him the formula of her research project; originally intended as a youth drug, but with very different effects.

Through his ordeal, his brow-beaten wife learns to assert herself. As Randy’s power over her reduces, she slowly begins to take a more dominant role in their relationship. Not as a likewise abuser, but as a guardian figure. An affair with their pastor opens her up to new sexual opportunities, due to Randy’s diminished state.

In a way, Randy is eventually freed as well. The rigid gender roles that he had been raised with are now increasingly obsolete, given his condition. The lack of control over his life is the greatest source of his angry outbursts, and as he quickly learns, his go-to method of intimidation is the very last thing that he should be doing under current circumstances.

Randy’s little problem (Shrinking, Humiliation, Power Shift, Cuckold) – A conservative patriarch gets his comeuppance when he becomes the human test subject for a project he’s been trying to shut down.

Chapter 1

“That fucking bitch!” Randy exclaimed, as he shut the door to his office. His face burned red from embarrassment after the recent meeting to discuss Dr. Amy Dressler’s ongoing project. He sat down quickly and put his elbows down on the desk, tying his hands around his head to calm down.

Randy Covax is the chief financial officer for Pharmexa, a company that rose to success after the marketing of Andromax, an erectile dysfunction medication that increased physical sensation in addition to blood flow to the penis, making it the companies’ flagship medication.

Ever since then, Pharmexa has been looking for the next big project to invest in for when Andromax’s patent runs out. That’s where Dr. Dressler came in to the picture three years ago.

Amy Dressler was a fresh graduate from medical school, uninterested in the common monotony of clinic work or even “helping” people in any sense of the word. Her residency had been a bore for her, and while she did graduate, an ongoing comment was that her bedside manner left much to be desired. That’s when she set her sights on pharmaceutical research.

Her side project while in med school had been researching cellular growth and decay, trying to understand the process of aging, and how it could possibly be reversed. A bunch of bullshit, Randy had thought to himself when Dr. Dressler made her introductory pitch to them. If it were truly up to him, she would have never set foot back in there. But the CEO and shareholders were practically wetting themselves over her.

Over the last three years, Pharmexa had committed three billion dollars to Dr. Dressler’s research, with semi-annual meetings that all seemed to have a rotation of excuses for why there was no progress. During the meeting today, Randy had had enough of them.

“Dr. Dressler, with all due respect, we have given you three years to give us some kind of conclusive animal trials on this ‘miracle youth drug’ that you promised, but there always seems to be some reason why there haven’t been any kind of positive results.”

“And with all due respect to you, Mr. Covax, I would hope that someone who works in pharmaceuticals would understand that substantial progresses in humanities’ future takes much longer than three years. Not all drugs can be as simple as erectile medication.” This earned her a chuckle from the rest of the audience.

As can be expected, Randy and Dr. Dressler had clashed from the moment the company agreed to fund her research. Randy had disliked her willfulness and arrogance, and Amy had no problem making jokes at the expense of Randy’s conservative and religious leanings.


“You know, Dr. Dressler, I only have this company’s best interests in mind. It seems to me like this project is less about improving our return, and more about your own *ahem* vanity?”

“Oh, so you seem to think that this is all about benefitting me, Mr. Covax? If you want to know a benefit to yourself, why don’t we let your wife be the first to try it out? That way, she’ll be young enough to keep popping out those good Christian soldiers for you.” Randy was at a loss for words when the audience burst out in laughter.

“Who does that bitch think she is, insulting me and my family like that?” Randy fumed, as he went to grab his coat. “My wife may not be as educated, or have a fancy job, but she has ten times as much class as that cow!”

Randy did have to pause a bit to contemplate that sentence. While he loved his wife Carol, there was no doubt in his mind that if one were to compare the two women, Amy Dressler was not the one that people who call a ‘cow’. At 5’8, between her long legs and slim figure, most men would desire the young, but strong-willed brunette.

She was not a woman who let herself go hiding in her lab, either. Amy always liked to make sure that her hair was curled, her make-up immaculate, and her stockings flawless. Not even so much to attract men, as she seemed to spurn all advances. Randy had to wonder whether it was an intimidation tactic more than anything.

His wife, on the other hand, had no reason for intimidation. Raised in a proper, Christian home, Carol had always deferred to Randy’s wishes. If only her body would, Randy thought to himself. Carol had provided him with five children, each pregnancy leaving her slightly fatter than before. It left her with a wide rump, stretching the confines of the jeans at Lane Bryant while her belly formed a muffin top that would peek out if her tops were too short.

Not that she had to worry about that very often. Barely 5’2, his wife was not an imposing woman. At almost a foot taller than his wife, Randy found it easy to intimidate her into doing what he wanted. They even liked to make a little game of it, or at least Randy did.

He was so angry, that he was just going to leave early today. As he was walking towards the door, his secretary Melanie came in the door. She was so surprised that she almost spilled the coffee that she was carrying on him.

“Sorry there, Mr. Covax, I’m here with your 2 pm coffee.” Melanie said quickly, with her head down. She must have heard him ranting in his office, Randy realized as he smiled sheepishly. “I’m taking off for the day, Melanie, but I will take the coffee. Thank you.”

As he walked off, and took the first sip, Melanie started to feel guilty for what she had done. She had a definite feeling that what Dr. Dressler handed her was not the Splenda that Randy normally takes in his drink. She walked out of his office, and sat back down at her computer. “Oh, and Melanie, please have those reports on my desk by Monday”, Randy said as he approached her desk.

“Will do, Sir”. Melanie chirped. Randy took another sip, and glanced at her screensaver. “Is that, uh, you and a friend there?” Melanie was a bit crestfallen that Randy paid so little attention.

“Oh, that’s me and my partner, Jodi. We’ve been seeing each other for almost eighteen months now.” Randy looked a bit uncomfortable, but decided to offer his best advice in this awkward situation.

“Well, a nice and pretty girl like you will find the right husband some day”. Melanie wasn’t even sure that he registered the offended look on her face as he strolled out of the office, coffee cup in hand. All of a sudden, she didn’t feel guilty at all.

Chapter 2

              Randy was calming down as he drove home. If there was one thing that he was looking forward to, it was seeing Carol caught off-guard. Their little game was especially interesting on the occasions where Randy would show up early, just to see how much she’s worked during the day. If she slacked, that’s where the fun part comes in.

As he was pulling in to the driveway, he finished his coffee and got out of the car. He always liked to count to ten as he hopped up towards the front door. 8-9-10, “Hi honey, I’m home!” Randy called out as he opened the door with spirit.

Hm, Carol not returning greeting. One infraction. Hallway has some toys laying about, that’s another. Randy stepped in to the living room to survey the damage. Some crumbs were on the carpet, obviously not vacuumed, that’s the third infraction.

“Daddy!” his youngest son, Matthew yelled, as he ran towards Randy for a hug. The boy’s pants were covered in mud, and as he ran throughout the living room, mud tracked on the hardwood floors and carpet. Randy smiled as he tallied the fourth infraction of the day.

“Matthew, come back here!” Carol called out, as she came through the porch doors. Her face fell when she saw Randy there, a bit bemused at having mud rubbing off on his work pants. Number five. He could tell that tonight would be fun.

“Carol, honey. Can you take Matthew up for a bath, while I look around some more?” Carol scrambled to grab Matthew and make her way upstairs. She knew better than to question his authority. He looked up in awe at how her ass jiggled as she tried to run upstairs. It’s almost like it’s gotten even bigger since he last got a good look. Sitting on it all day will do that to someone, he thought to himself.

He went to the kitchen to see if anything had been worked on. Plain chicken breasts taken out, not prepared. No side dishes taken out, that’s another infraction. Pencil crayon shavings on the floor, and colouring book still out. Pitiful, seventh infraction. He strolled on upstairs to see what else she would need to be punished for later.

The clothing hamper was half full; enough for one load, but not done? Eight. Matthew’s room a mess? Nine. Master bed not made? Ten. Randy was nearly giddy, as he looked in to the bathroom for one last opportunity. Oh, and it seems as if Matthew got toothpaste on the sink and mirror. Eleven infractions! He’s never been able to count that many. Carol’s ass will certainly be sore tonight.

The realization that Randy was standing there caused a wave of dread to fall over Carol. She had always hated this little “game” that Randy insisted on playing every weekday, even more so when he surprised her by coming home early.

“All done with Matthew? Here, I’ll put him down for his nap. You just go downstairs by the couch.” Carol of course knew what “go to the couch” actually meant. As she went downstairs, she thought about whether this kind of thing was what the other couples at church did behind closed doors. It was always one of those taboo subjects that people whispered about in small groups, but never said too loud.

All she knew was that it didn’t feel right to be degraded like Randy did to her. She worked hard to provide a clean home, dinner, and child care for Matthew. I’d like to see him honestly try it, she thought to herself.

“Honey, are you ready for today’s evaluation?” Randy said with an inflection in his voice. She hated it when he seemed so pleased with himself. Like someone peed in his coffee at work, and he just had to take it out on her.

“Randy,” she began hesitantly “I don’t think it’s fair to have an evaluation today. You came home three hours early, and didn’t tell me.” Carol figured that she would try to appeal to Randy’s sense of reason. Please God, please get him off my back for just one day.

“Carol honey, we’ve discussed this.” Randy said as he put his hands on her shoulders and sat her down more forcefully than she would have liked. “I am the man of the household, I make the rules. You are the woman, you obey me. Didn’t you hear what Pastor Anderson was talking about last month?”


“Wives must submit to husbands, but husbands must love and honour wives.” Carol said flatly, a bit annoyed that Randy would accuse her of being too dense to grasp their church sermons.

“But this is honouring and loving you. By offering loving guidance, I am encouraging you to be a better servant, honey.” Randy smiled, preparing to list his grievances, when Carol stood up and pushed his hands off her “Are you talking about being God’s servant, or your servant?”

Randy was taken aback by this sudden display of boldness. She could usually be ‘convinced’ a little easier. His tone went from gentle to stern “Both. Good women know when to be quiet and do as their told.”

Carol didn’t have a good comeback. All of the marriage advice books that she had ever read only gave an echo of Randy’s words. This was her lot in life, as a woman. Randy was bigger, stronger, and had a high source of income. Carol sat back down, but Randy was having none of it at this point. The anger that he had simmering from an hour ago came back to a boil.

“You know what, Carol? I think it’s obvious how fucking easy you have it around here. You have one, ONE child to look after, and your fat ass can’t even do that properly.” The sting hit Carol in a deep place. Randy didn’t address it often, but she could tell that outside of the spankings, he didn’t have any interest in getting her clothes off anymore.

“I don’t have to keep on paying for private school, you know? That was my favour to YOU, Carol. So that YOU don’t have to deal with keeping everything clean, looking after Matthew AND homeschooling the other four.” Carol hadn’t heard him yell this loud in a long time, and couldn’t help it as a sob escaped as she was trying to block him out.

“Oh, I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you? No more sitting on your ass four hours a day, watching Maury or Oprah or whatever you silly bitches watch while the husbands are busting their asses for you.” Carol had gone quiet, looking straight ahead as tears rolled down her round face.

“Now”, his tone of voice changed back to the foreboding friendliness, “your evaluation”.

“Did you know how many infractions I counted today, hm?” Randy said as he walked towards the couch. “Hwmy” Carol seemed to say as she spoke in a muffled whisper.

“Excuse me? What was that you were saying?” Randy had that stupid pleased look on his face again. “HOW MANY?” Carol yelled back at him, through choked sobs.

“Eleven! Eleven infractions, how do you think you managed to fuck up so badly today, hm? How does one child cause so much mess, that you can’t clean it all up in five hours?”

“I don’t know.” Carol said quietly, accepting that she wouldn’t win this one. Seeing her defeat, Randy gave her one more triumphant look over, glancing at her disheveled shoulder length dirty blonde hair, red face, and stains on her shirt. “On second thought…” Carol looked up at him, with one final hope. “You look like a slob. Final total, twelve infractions.”

Carol knew what came next. Randy sauntered over to the locked cabinet, where anyone else might assume that he kept a gun. But when he unlocked the compartment, it wasn’t a gun, but a two foot long paddle, smooth and made of oak. Heavy enough so that it wouldn’t break, no matter how many times you used it.

“You know the drill. Drop your pants, and bend over.” Carol complied with his requests, knowing that if she did as he asked, he wouldn’t add any extra lashes today. It didn’t change the sharp sting of pain as the paddle hit her large rear end the first time, and intensified as he continued, two, three, four. She thought about if she could handle it if her whole life ended up being like this. What if he doesn’t get bored of this, what if it just gets worse?

The pain by the twelfth strike left Carol in tears again. She just wanted to lay on the couch until the other children arrived home, which would be in another hour. Randy, however, couldn’t help but remind her with a jab that there would be more paddles later that night if dinner wasn’t ready by 4:30.

Carol got up, and did the rest of the day’s duties in silence, while Randy had a shower and put his feet up. He’s deserved it, he said, for all of the work he does to feed, clothe, and house our family. The children get home, and they all share a family meal together. During grace, she prayed not only for the expected wish list, but for Randy to understand what it’s like to be weak, dependent, and powerless. Maybe then he would finally develop some empathy for her.

At very least she was grateful that she hadn’t invited Steven over today.

Chapter 3

             Randy had been tired on Saturday. Not in a ‘sleepy’ tired, but in an overall muscle weakness tired. He spent most of the day resting, so it was a good day for Carol as well. With Randy too tired to yell at her, she took the children out for the day so as not to create more mess. It would be good for everyone to be refreshed in time for church on Sunday.

Stations of the Cross Evangelical Church was where Randy and Carol had met 13 years ago, when Randy was 28 and Carol had been 21. Carol’s family insisted that Randy, then an office manager at Pharmexa, would be a perfect match for her. They were married a year later, and had their oldest son, Jeremiah by their first anniversary. Then came Joseph, Sarah, Rebecca, and finally Matthew, three years ago.

The family had always felt welcome by the church (especially considering Randy’s tithe to the tune of $20,000/year, plus tuition x4 to the affiliated Calvary Christian Elementary). They were active in small groups on Wednesdays, and never missed a Sunday service.

Pastor Steven Anderson is a tall, thin black man with a shaved head, and a charismatic smile. He’s been with the church for the last eight years, succeeding Pastor Braithwaite, a kind but elderly man who had been getting dryer by the week. Pastor Anderson had a traditional interpretation of the bible, much like previous pastors at the church did, but was able to relate his sermons to the crowd of middle aged and gen-x congregants. This made him very popular with the growing families attracted to the church.

“Randy, Carol, great to see the two of you!” Steven beamed as he saw the two come in with their children. “How has the family been? How’s work?”

“To tell you the truth, Steven, not that great. But hoping to pick things up again tomorrow.” Randy felt better today than he had yesterday, but there was still a fatigue in his muscles that wouldn’t quite go away. “Well, hopefully it’s something that will clear up on its own. So, front row seat guys?” Pastor Anderson offered as he led them to the front of the church.

The sermon that day was about surrendering to God when powerless. Randy and Carol, however, took away very different messages about what Pastor Anderson was talking about. Randy assumed it meant physical powerlessness, and thought about how Carol needed to submit to him in order to compensate for her weakness.

Carol, however, identified with the sermon on a more emotional level. When dealing with feelings of being pulled between two forces, one of duty, and one of her own desire. The duty that she felt towards her chosen husband and family, and the desires that she felt for Pastor Anderson.

The affair had started two years ago, a year after Matthew was born. Carol had begged Randy to agree to send Rebecca to the pre-school at Calvary Christian Elementary so that she could have exclusive time with Matthew. Little did he realize, it was exclusive time with Steven that Carol was really after.

It all started with the volunteer work that Carol had been doing with the Sunday School. During this time, Carol had started asking Steven questions about how to get through periods of difficulty during marriage and when Steven had asked why, Carol caved in and told him everything that had been happening. He listened to her for well over an hour as she aired all of her grievances with how her life had turned out married to Randy.

He encouraged her to come back often, not to prepare Sunday school lessons, but to meet him in his office for counselling sessions. Eventually, after talking about anything and everything, Pastor Anderson offered to start meeting Carol at home.

The listening was the best part that Carol craved, but damn was the sex great. Randy would only pay attention to her when causing pain, but when he came over Steven lived only to pleasure Carol. The way he would grab her when standing behind her showed that he wasn’t shy about playing with her more abundant parts. He would alternate between rubbing her wet clit, and massaging her belly as if there was no difference to him.

One day, he was worshipping her breasts, when he asked her to turn around for him. It took Carol by surprise, and she asked if he didn’t want to look at her face. He laughed and said that it wasn’t that at all. “I just want to grab on to this magnificent ass of yours while I make love to you”. It was at that point in which Carol had her greatest crisis of faith.

The sermon ended, and it was customary to approach the pastor to congratulate him and offer further insights. Randy and Carol went in line to speak with Pastor Anderson while the children stayed in their seats. “Hey guys, how was the sermon for the two of you today?”

Carol was the first to speak up, “It was amazing, Pastor. It just goes to show you that in difficult times, you have to ask God for advice on how to make things better.” She said, with a knowing wink at the end for emphasis. “All~right, excellent, Carol” Steven said with the same knowing wink, “and you Randy?”

Randy was looking directly at Pastor Anderson, eyes at about mid-nose level, as Pastor Anderson had always been an inch (or two? Randy thought) taller than him. “I th-” he began to speak, when a dizzy feeling took over. Randy braced himself on a chair until it past before straightening up again.

“Whoa Randy, are you okay?” Steven asked as Randy turned to look directly at him again. Only this time, Randy was staring right at the bottom of Steven’s nose instead of midway. This is odd, Randy thought. I could have sworn…no, it’s nothing.

“Yeah, I’m fine Steven. Just not feeling well the past couple of days.” Randy said with a weak smile, as he cued for Carol to go fetch the kids. “Great sermon, by the way.”

“Oh, my pleasure.” Steven said with a slow nod. Randy was a little confused at first, but decided that again, it was nothing. He just hoped that he would have to see as little of that bitch Dr. Dressler as humanly possible.


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