Vanity Sizing

Hi! This is my first WG story, I hope everyone enjoys.

Vanity Sizing (Weight Gain)

Melissa Doncaster looked around the food court in the only mall that her town had to offer. She couldn’t help but think to herself about all of the women and girls that were gorging themselves on greasy fast food. She used to be like them, but she had something called “will power”. It’s not easy keeping up my appearance, she thought to herself, as she moved past the food court towards the clothing stores.

She had finished her freshman year of college, and was back in town for the summer. Her wavy brown hair framed her small chest, and her slim figure was the envy of many of the girls in town. She had worked hard to get back in to a size 2 before starting college. She dressed to show it off, of course. She frequently wore crop tops, and low waisted jeans that revealed her flat stomach.

“I’d like to see some of these cows fit into what I wear.” Melissa said to no one in particular, as she walked towards the Forever 21. She saw a rack of cute tops, and walked over to see if they had any in her size.

“Ew…size 12? They actually let people like that shop here?” Melissa wrinkled her nose at the idea of an overweight woman waddling around, with her exposed, flabby belly jiggling as she walked. “Even I was never that big”. She looked through the racks, and finally managed to pull out a size 2 from the racks filled with 8-12.

“Geez, how hard is it to find clothing for skinny people? We’re the intended demographic for this store anyways!” She gathered some jeans, skirts, and some more tops before heading off to the change room. Some of the pieces that she wanted only had size 4s left, so she figured they would have to do.

Around the corner, David Saunders was listening carefully. He couldn’t say he was surprised, only disappointed. He had been there the whole time, and she hadn’t even acknowledged his presence.

David and Melissa were boyfriend and girlfriend in high school. Melissa’s parents never liked David much. Her parents lived in “the nice part” of town, while David’s family lived in the trailer park on the outskirts. Why did Melissa choose him, if she could have had any other boy in town? Rebellion maybe, combined with their late night pizza sessions that made her less attractive to the jocks as high school went on.

David had to admit, they had some good times. Listening to Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, ordering take-out after an hour of smoking weed, and cuddling after she had eaten too much. Stroking her soft belly, peeking out of her too-tight band shirts. Burying his head into her dyed-red hair, and lovingly looking at her face, with her heavy face make-up poorly concealing her traces of acne.

Now, Melissa was barely recognizable to him. After they had graduated, her grades were high enough to get in to the state University. Her parents had the money to afford her tuition, but they laid down their conditions strictly. First of all, they had wanted her to stop seeing David. They had told her before that he was a loser that wasn’t going anywhere.

She hadn’t wanted to admit it at first, but she knew that it was true. The fact that David dropping out of school that year had more to do with his mother’s cancer diagnosis than his own ambition and intelligence meant nothing to them.

Secondly, they told her that she needed to clean herself up. Her appearance had become a source of embarrassment to them, and they made it clear that no other man would want a chunky girl with bad skin.

Third of all, they asked her to get rid of all of her music and t-shirts. These things are for teenage boys, not young women. The type of men that she would find at state University want a girl that knows how to relate to them, and not challenge them on pop culture tastes. The most important thing is for her to “fit in”. Everything else is secondary.

So, Melissa did as they requested. She began going to the gym on a daily basis, as David worked at Five Guys to support his family. Even if she had wanted to try and see David, her parent’s monitoring her constantly during the evenings made this practically impossible. She went back to her natural hair colour, and spent more time watching the latest reality shows than listening to music. As the weight came off, she started shopping at the “trendier” stores, and was ready to leave for school in September, an entirely new Melissa.

But not for long, David thought to himself. Melissa was about to get a taste of what happens when she tries to “fit in” to something that doesn’t suit her.

Melissa had put her first outfit on, a pair of skinny jeans with a tight black top. She looked at herself impressively, swivelling herself from left to right at her waist. She was about to put the clothes in the “buy” pile, when she noticed something “off”.

A small roll of flesh was pushing against the waist of the jeans, and the thighs were uncomfortably tight, whereas before they were form fitting. Her top was riding up, and the overall effect wasn’t as flattering as she originally thought.

“Hm, that’s weird” Melissa said to herself. “Maybe the size 4s will fit better”? She put on a red skirt with the same top. It slid up perfectly, and Melissa turned to examine herself in the mirror again. “Maybe I should just watch myself while I’m home for the summer”.

She frowned again, as the flesh seemed to push forward once again, to hang slightly over the waistband of the skirt. Her black top starting to feel tight around the arms, as she tried to pull in down to cover her softening abs. She began to feel anxious as it continued to creep up, refusing to stay in place.

“This is so weird, I just fit into this!” Melissa said in frustration as she struggled to remove the outfit.

“How is everything fitting in there?” The sales lady called out to Melissa. Oh shit, she must have heard me, Melissa thought to herself.

“Hi, can I have these in a size six instead? I just want to compare how they fit.” Melissa said as she threw the clothing over the changing room door.

“Okay! I’ll fetch these for you.” Suuuurrre you want to “just compare” the sales lady thought to herself. So many of these girls have gotten used to Vanity Sizing, that they don’t know what their size actually is. I’ll bring a few size 8s to her as well.

While waiting for the sales woman to come back with the larger sizes, Melissa examined herself in the mirror. She couldn’t be bloated, she hadn’t even eaten that day! She poked her midsection, trying to find a clue. She grimaced a bit, noticing how much ‘give’ their was to her abdomen. Instead of the hard, flat stomach that she had just half an hour ago, a thin layer of fat had accumulated above her pubic region, pushing her panties downward slightly.

Her thighs still had a gap (thank god), but when she shook one of her legs to get the skirt off, she couldn’t help but notice more movement in her inner thighs than she was used to.
She reached behind her to adjust her underwear, which had began riding up her ass. She turned around to check, and she was crestfallen at how much her rear end jiggled when she cupped it with her hands.

“How could I have let myself go at school? I’ve heard of the Freshman 15, but I thought I had that under control!” Melissa was about to put her clothes back on and leave, when she heard a knock at the change room door.

“Hi there, I’ve got the items that you picked out. I got size sixes, and also eights as well, just in case you need them”.

“Thanks a bunch” Melissa said, trying to hold back her contempt. Size eights? Who the hell does she think she is? I may have put on some college weight (in the last hour…?), but I’m not a total cow.

She grabbed a pair of jeans, and a printed crop top to put on, feeling refreshed that she had found something that had fit. She looked at herself, noticing that her softer stomach was still visible with the crop top, but didn’t mind so much, seeing as how the jeans fit her nicely. They went on surprisingly easy, but weren’t about to fall off either. She examined the price tag to see how much they cost. She moved her thumb to see the full amount, and almost fainted at what she read.

These were the size 8s.

These were the size 8s, and were starting to feel not so comfortable.

Melissa looked on in horror as her gut pushed forward, spilling over the jeans at the front and sides, creating a muffin top. Her top constricted her arms, making it harder to reach around to examine what was going on. Her ass and thighs were packed uncomfortably in the now skin-tight jeans. Melissa pulled off the clothing as quick as she could, hoping that it may stop whatever the hell was happening to her.

Melissa started crying as she looked at her naked body in the mirror. All of her work over last summer was ruined. Her face was round, and was showing signs of a double chin if she looked downwards. Her arms had grown husky, and jiggled when they moved. Even her armpits had traces of fat when she put her arms down.

Her breasts had grown slightly, but only enough to bring them up to a B-cup, maybe.It still didn’t compensate for how much thicker around her band size was. She had developed small deposits of fat right below her breasts, serving to make her boobs look even smaller.

Her belly stuck out in front of her, pushing down towards her pubic mound. Her belly button, once narrow, had become wide, being able to fit two of her fingers down to her first knuckle. Even her pussy had gotten chubby, as she felt how much fat had really gone there.

Her thigh gap was long gone, she noticed that her inner thighs touched for a couple of inches down her legs. Her ass formed a small shelf behind her, and was beginning to show traces of cellulite. Her once toned calves had grown chunky and her ankle bones were barely visible.

“Why is this happening?” Melissa said through tears “There’s no way that this is just from college”. She eyed the outfit that she had come in with, noticing how tiny is was in comparison to her flabby body, and wondered how she was going to get out of the store when she couldn’t fit in to her original clothing.

I’ll just have to find the baggiest thing, and swipe it; she thought to herself. The sales woman wouldn’t even recognize her if she left the store 8 sizes larger than when she came in. She struggled to get the size 8 jeans back up, and managed to fit it across her rear. Melissa struggled with the zipper and button, finally giving up. She pulled the longest top over top of her, but it still didn’t prevent the bottom from riding up, revealing the roll of fat over her jeans and her new, wider belly button.

David was watching this all with anticipation. He could feel his erection against his pants as he saw the out-of-shape Melissa, clothes not even containing her, go to the nearest rack to the dressing room and pick out the largest pants they offered – size 12 and a size XL top only to run back to the dressing room. For a college girl, Melissa was pretty dumb sometimes. What else did she think was going to happen?

Melissa changed as quickly as possible, and dashed out of the dressing room, not wanting to be seen by the store staff. She wasn’t getting away this easily, though. Not until David had a word with her first.

“Hi Melissa, remember me?” David said, as he stopped just by the entrance. Melissa shot him a visibly annoyed look, and side stepped him immediately. “David, this is not the time right now!”

“But we haven’t talked in so long! I see that you enjoyed yourself at college.” Melissa was trapped, and clearly looking to be every bit of the size 12 that she was wearing. He couldn’t wait for her to bust out of it.

“Get bent, David. I see that you haven’t changed at all. Still barely shower, still wearing those same metal shirts, never cut your hair.” She started to turn away, when David called out to her “At least I still have my integrity. I don’t care about “fitting in”, and I know that at one point, you didn’t care either”.

Melissa turned back to him, taken aback at what he just said. “What good is your integrity if you aren’t going anywhere in life? I’m actually going somewhere. I’m meeting people who are going places. What are you doing with your life?”

“Well, I’m sorry that I’m not as privileged as you, Melissa. My family actually needs me, whereas you need yours. Now who isn’t going anywhere?” David said triumphantly as Melissa’s clothing got tighter and tighter on her. Her face rounded further, her second chin lowering and becoming more permanent.

“Face it David, I’ve just outgrown you. My future is only looking bigger, whereas you will die alone in this hick town.” That was the final straw for David. He was almost about to feel sorry for Melissa, but her refusal to see him as a human being and talk like a civilized adult evaporated his desire to go easy on her.

“Yeah, and that’s not all you’re outgrowing”. Melissa had a confused look on her face momentarily, which was interrupted by a giant *RIP* sound, as her top tore at the armpits; followed by a *POP* as the button on her size 12 jeans came undone. Her round belly surged forward, and pushed her jeans downward. Her ass crack was exposed, as well as her ample muffin top.

Melissa almost started crying again from embarrassment, as multiple eyes were now on her. She did the only thing that she thought would help; she ran into the nearest plus-size store.

David had hoped that this would have worked out. If Melissa had stayed behind with him, and continued their frequent pizza and weed sessions, she would have probably looked like she did now. That’s what David had hoped for, at least. His tenting would have been obvious, had anyone been looking there. To be honest, they were probably more interested in the stuck-up fat girl that was wearing clothes that were way too small for her.

The thought of Melissa becoming a size 16, 18, 20 and higher made David’s erection throb and ache for release. He sat down in front of the plus size store that Melissa ran in to, hoping to catch the final result.

Inside, Melissa was distraught. She had tried a few more outfits, each one refusing to fit after less than a minute of wear. She had a pair of size 18 slacks that she was spilling out of, when she realized that she was finally in the 20s. Not just “plus-size”, but truly, utterly fat. She must have been more than double what she weighed this morning. Her face looked nothing like it did when she first entered the mall. Her round chipmunk cheeks and large double chin quivered when she cried.

Her chest was still painfully small in comparison to the rest of her. She had sat down, and her breasts seemed to meld in with the three other roles that her abdomen made when she was sitting. Leaning against the wall, she also became acutely aware of the amount of back fat that she had acquired.

Her hips, ass and thighs by far carried most of her weight. Her ass had formed a large shelf behind her, and her thighs were rubbing together almost all of the way to her knees. Her hips had required her to turn sideways when exiting the change room. She needed to get out of the mall, and there was only way that she knew how.

David watched in awe as Melissa waddled out of the plus-size store, wearing perhaps one of the biggest dresses that he had ever seen. Obviously she still hadn’t gotten it, as that dress would only become too small for her anyways. As she walked towards the exit, Melissa’s belly sagged lower and lower, forming an apron in front of her thighs. Her ass expanded outwards even moreso, until her hips and belly were straining the fabric of the 5XL floral print dress.

A group of high school girls walked through the doors of the mall, just as Melissa was leaving. They couldn’t have been any lighter than Melissa was back when she was their age. “Oh god, guys. If I ever get like that, just shoot me”. One of them said in a not-quiet-enough voice.

Melissa started sobbing again as she made her final walk-of-shame to the busses.


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