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A hot story I found recently – unknown author

This was posted recently at The Changing Mirror, one of my favourite places to go for transformation fiction. This story has multiple different types of transformations, everything from mental changes to weight gain, to transgender and sissification. It seems like a good idea to try and write a sequel, seeing as how I have no idea who wrote this. Enjoy!

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Chapters 1-3 of “Randy’s little Problem”

Hi there, this is a story that I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s looking to have at least¬†20 chapters by the end of it. I’m hoping to sell it as an ebook eventually.

It’s a classic loss of power story, in which a patriarchal abuser finds himself in a downward (literally) spiral as his co-worker slips him the formula of her research project; originally intended as a youth drug, but with very different effects.

Through his ordeal, his brow-beaten wife learns to assert herself. As Randy’s power over her reduces, she slowly begins to take a more dominant role in their relationship. Not as a likewise abuser, but as a guardian figure. An affair with their pastor opens her up to new sexual opportunities, due to Randy’s diminished state.

In a way, Randy is eventually freed as well. The rigid gender roles that he had been raised with are now increasingly obsolete, given his condition. The lack of control over his life is the greatest source of his angry outbursts, and as he quickly learns, his go-to method of intimidation is the very last thing that he should be doing under current circumstances.

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Intro post!

About Me:

I’m 27, and I’ve been a long-time reader of erotic transformation fiction. I’ve found something erotic in just about every fetish, and have thoroughly enjoyed many stories from very talented authors.

I’ve written a couple of stories myself, and would like to share them, as well as the other gems that I’ve found throughout the internet with you as well.

I’m a mini BBW who is greatly interested in Feederism and Weight Gain fiction. I also enjoy shrinking/growing, muscle theft, age regression/progression, attribute transfer, downgrade, sissification, and small penis humiliation.

I also have a NiteFlirt profile, so if anyone would like to call me for a private session, I can be reached at

I will also be posting features on specific fetishes, and what about them people find arousing.

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